Selfie Trail

You can explore Mill Creek any time of year and get some great selfies while you’re at it. From sculpture, to towering trees, to fun in the park, the Mill Creek Selfie Trail has great spots for your next selfie. Use the hashtag #MyMillCreek to show off your adventures!

map of selfie trail with ten stops

1. Bridged Walkway

Photo of bridged walkway in fall colors
Near the intersection of Village Green Drive and Country Club Drive. Access via Seattle Hill Road.
Hidden next to the Mill Creek Country Club is a bridged walkway with a gorgeous backdrop of tall, colorful trees. It’s a great spot for a selfie in any season.

2. Tamago
Photo of tamago sculpture in the park
Heron Park, 2701 155th St. SE

Get hands-on with public art through the Tamago sculpture. This bronze, egg-shaped sculpture finds its home in Heron Park. It was created in 1994 by Gerard Tsutakawa, an accomplished sculptor who has completed numerous monumental corporate, institutional and state commissions throughout the Northwest and Japan.

3. Trail at Heron Park
Photo of pathway in park
Heron Park, 2701 155th Street SE

Climb over the jungle gyms and walk past the playground at Heron Park and you’ll find another world. The picturesque trail has lots of selfie opportunities no matter the season.

4. Zip Line
 ​Photo of zipline at cougar park

Cougar Park, 3221 148th St. SE

You might have to work up some courage for this one – the zip line at Cougar Park is a great spot for an action shot.

5. Wetlands
Photo of water in the wetlands
Located off 35th Avenue SE
Take a moment to explore just part of the nature that Mill Creek has to offer. From trees and water, to wildlife, the wetlands have it all. Don’t get too distracted when you’re taking your selfie – lots of rare birds visit the wetlands each year.
6. Bocce
 ​A photo of bocce court at buffalo park

Buffalo Park, 13401 44th Ave SE
Get your game on at the Bocce court at Buffalo Park and share a shot of the action.

7. North Creek Trail
photo of north creek trail and trees
Enter the trail just west of Mill Creek Town Center.
Really, any spot on this trail is selfie worthy. But this spot hidden just behind Mill Creek Town Center is a great way to go deeper into nature. The trail starts at McCollum Park (600 128th Street SE in Everett) and goes about through Mill Creek to North Creek Park (1001 183rd Street in Bothell).

8. Mill Creek Town Center
 photo of flow art installation in town center

Main Street in Mill Creek
Where can you get your shopping on, dine on some of the best food the city has to offer, and snap some cool pics? Mill Creek Town Center! Whether you’re getting a great shot in front of public art like Flow an abstract art installation that beautifies a former bus stop., getting in some color from the changing leaves, or taking a photo of what you’re about to eat, Town Center has it all.

9. Habitat-Tat
photo of northern flicker sculpture
On the northwest corner of SR 527 and Mill Creek Boulevard intersection

Blink and you might miss this statue if you’re driving by. This massive sculpture depicts a human-sized northern flicker perched on a giant branch.

10. The Mill at Mill Creek Apartments
photo of water mill
1324 Mill Creek Blvd
Put the “mill” in Mill Creek. The sidewalk in front of The Mill at Mill Creek Apartments is a great place to get a photo of this water feature.

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