AR Workshop Mill Creek

Embrace Your Inner Artist with AR Workshop Mill Creek
Posted on 09/20/2018
An artist engages at AR WorkshopWhen you walk through the doors of AR Workshop Mill Creek you are greeted by the smell of pine wood and saw dust, work benches and a friendly smile. The walls are filled with fun-custom projects that could make anyone’s home more warm and welcoming. The best part about walking into AR Workshop is the confidence you feel the second the door closes behind you. Every detail has been thought about and every step has been carefully calculated to ensure that you succeed in making the project your own from start to finish.

AR Workshop Mill Creek is a ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) business that helps you create home decor though step by step instruction from one of their friendly staff. AR Workshop offers everything from custom pillows to a seasonal decorative signs. Add your own unique touch to prepared craft templates or create your own project.

The AR Workshop franchise was started in North Carolina by two women who met through their children’s preschool. Their business started online and soon after became a brick and mortar location that has since spread throughout the country as a franchise.

Ronda Lone, owner of the new AR Workshop franchise location in Mill Creek, and Wendy Russell, the franchise manager, have a similar story. Russell and Lone met through taking their kids to different activities and have become close friends over the years. Lone has been in the Mill Creek area since 1987 and has seen the growth in business and residents in those years. Russell has been in Mill Creek for 15 years.

“The process was so simple and easy to follow that everyone was able to create something to take home,” said Lone. “I had to bring this back to Mill Creek and share the experience. Finding something that kids to grandparents can do under the same roof is a rare find and I knew it would work here in my community.”

The idea for opening this franchise in Mill Creek came when Lone visited a location back east and fell in love with the concept. She believed it would succeed in Mill Creek and decided to make it happen. AR Workshop Mill Creek offers classes for individuals, families and even corporate events. They can host a private event with food and drinks for a group of up to 30 guests.

Find AR Workshop in the Gateway Shopping Center at 13416 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Ste. 206, in Mill Creek. Their events calendar will direct you to fun special events, like their HGTV partner events. Or find a time to pop in and do something on your own. AR Workshop Mill Creek also partners with the City of Mill Creek on community recreational offerings to provide DIY classes that tie in with several holidays. Find the custom project you have always wanted to build at